Requirements for the reception of the output video in local or geographic networks

Receiving and spreading the video output is very easy.

Organizing the device in a congress hall of a “hotel” is not a big deal; you just need a personal computer with a network port and an “Intel® Core™ i5” processor. The connection is established through the network cables (this connection should have a velocity which is supposable to the transmission).
In order to receive the signal, it is useful using the iONYX player software (you can download it in this same site). Thanks to this software, it is possible to connect to the operating room in “real time” and visualise it via output video and sound.

It is obvious that it is also possible to connect the output of your computer to a projector in order to share it with many people in a very rapid way. Furthermore, by adding an amplificator (if available), you can also spread the sound inside the operating room. To do this, just connect the amplificator to the port used for the streaming video (Computer).

The sound is guaranteed by always using the same computer that is receiving the output video. In fact, by combining a wireless microphone with the USB port of the computer, it is possible to talk to the surgeon in real time.
The quality of the video is strongly related to the internet connection used during the streaming. iONYX – SR HD can transfer an output video between 2 and 20 Mbs.

• Wireless Microphone via USB for your computer (Mac or Windows)
• Useful to be combined to iONYX SR to organize conventions
• Compatible with the iONYX Player software


• The transmitter offers an eight-hours duration of the battery by using two AA batteries
• 1-touch Mute function, volume control
• 100 meters of wireless coverage from transmitter to receiver