iONYX SR and the operating room

iONYX SR – HD is a medical device developed to be connected to video sources of Neurosurgery, Dental Surgery, Maxillo-facial Surgery, Otolaryngology, Plastic Surgery. Cardiovascular Surgery, Gastroenterology, Laparoscopy, Gynaecology, Urology, Proctology, Ophthalmic Surgery, Arthroscopy, Colposcopy, Camera of operating light, Neuronavigators, O-Arm, C-Arm, Da Vinci Surgery.

The “device” is used to document the surgery recorded through a camera. This camera captures photografic frames and videos in Full HD quality.
If connected to ethernet, it can also spread the video streaming to local or geographic network.
It is possible to connect few accessories that allow integrating both forward and back audio with a delay (about ± 2000 ms). For example, these accessories may be used to create a session of assisted surgery or live surgery during conventions.

During the streaming, the quality of the video is strongly related to the bandwidth allocated for transmission.

In the sub menu “Installation”, the main points of usage are clarified.