Audio Speaker

iONYX is also used to receive audio derived from the convention hall.

You just need to connect the audio speaker to the audio port OUT and access the case. You will immediately hear your guests from the congress in real time.

iONYX SR has been developed and tested with success by using the audio speaker BOSE Mini SoundLink (with batteries). This speaker has been used in operating rooms as a viable speaker.

The Audio Speaker SoundLink® Mini is the perfect combination of semplicity and elegance. Its case in alluminium is resistant and a pleasure for the eyes. The bottons for turning on/off and the auxiliary imput that is used to connect with iONYX are placed on the speaker.

  • Straordinary sound and deep bass for a great sound experience
  • Wireless and ultracompact Bose® Sound always with you
  • Rechargeable battery offers 10 hours of duration


The Audio Speaker SoundLink® Mini, mounted in an operation room during live surgery.