Medical Grade Smart Recorder


Smart Recorder Medicale allows to record file video and “freeze-frame” from HD (High Definition) and SD (Standard Definition) cameras by adding important information such as: date, time, identification number of the clinical record, patient’s name, Surgeon and pathology. These pieces of information can be used as search key in order to recover files from the archive even after long time. Furthermore, file sharing is initiated through Mass Storage Devices or Network disks. The device does not have measurement functions and the images provided are not used for diagnostic reasons

Every single file will be associated to information that will identify the surgery, ID, clinic record, patient, surgeon and pathology. Your own surgery can always be found to be shared or converted as a medical record. Besides archiving, iONYX SR – HD will allow to create reports, statistical reviews, performance indicators in order to have full-control of your surgery.

The function of streaming allows to spread the surgery live by local or geographic (Internet) networks and you will be able to display the surgery during courses or conventions.

Try on this revolutionary documental workflow with a simple movement. Insert iONYX SR – HD between the camera and the monitor in order to start working right away

Manage iONYX SR – HD by using your Smartphone, iPhone, Tablet, iPad or even the innovative Google Glass

All the files obtained are collected in an archive and are available to be exported through a USB port or by using Ethernet

Screening surgery from your operating room has never been so easy, this can be accomplished by connecting iONYX SR – HD to transfer videos in real time through the network. The video data flow can be displayed without cable support with Smartphone, Tablet, PC, Television and more importantly, every projector inside hospitals or by connecting from every part of the world via remote network


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